Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Couple of Girls and a Guitar {Southern Alberta Portrait Photographer}

While I was down in Lethbridge this past weekend I got to shoot a few of my regular models, but this time I had 1, well 2 new models Katie and her guitar. I want you to all know, Katie is an amazing girl, one of a kind and I just loved shooting her! Thanks for the fun afternoon girls!

One of my favorites!

Oh my gosh, she is so gorgeous!

Yup that's right, Shelby can play guitar!

Another favorite, I love this picture so very much!!

So there's a few pictures of the guitar only because I liked so many of them.

These next two pictures of Jenn are amazing! She is so hot!

By far the most amazing eyes ever

Another Favorite!!

And of course I ended it with Katie's beloved Guitar :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vienna's One Year Old Session {Calgary Child Photographer}

This is my little Niece, I got to visit my Sister, Brother-In-Law and of course baby Vienna a few weeks ago. It was so great to see my family, I miss them terribly! So obviously I brought my camera along and got to shoot both Vienna and a few Family Pictures, those coming soon!

Even though she's not smiling this is my favorite picture!
Drooly baby :)

Two things Vienna loves... Her hands and the trees blowing in the wind!

Oh my goodness she is so cute!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tyler & Julie's Wedding {Hawaii Wedding Photographer}

Just so everyone knows, I wasn't the Photographer at this wedding but because the groom is like a brother to me, they let me take pictures at my will. It was an amazing wedding, and I'm so happy for these two. Plus it was in Hawaii :) Enjoy.

Tyler and Julie had a beautiful Ring Ceremony on the beach.

Tyler and his Best Man aka older brother Mike, making up there own 'sexy' poses. Love it boys!

Favourite picture.

Congrats you two! Love you both so much!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cassie & Ben's Engagement Session {Southern Alberta Couples Photographer}

I'm so sorry it has taken me forever to get these up, but here they are... I got the opportunity to shoot an absolutely adorable couple. I meet Cassie at EFY years and years ago, and now she's getting married. Enjoy these rainy pictures. And I can't wait to shoot their Wedding in October!

I love this picture!

The second the rain stopped we were outside


And out comes the umbrella!!

When the rain started up again, we had to think on our feet and find cover.

Yes I am standing out in the rain ha-ha!


Bless our lucky stars, it stopped raining and there was a section of down town Lethbridge that was closed down, I'm positive they did it just for us :)

This is one of my favourites for some reason :)

These two are so in love and I had a blast, even with the rain.
Congrats again you two!!