Friday, February 22, 2013

Hannah's Session {Edmonton Portrait Photographer}

Oh my beautiful Hannah!! I just love photographing you. Not only are one of my very best friends but you one of the prettiest people I know!! I love you, I love how wonderful you are, and I love how willing you are to model for me! Thank you! Enjoy these amazing photos of my dear friend Hannah :)
(click to enlarge)

Look at those eyes!! WOW

Favorite of the day! 

Thanks again girl! You truly are the best :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

McAllister Family Session {Calgary Family Photographer}

Yup this is my crazy, awesome, wonderful, amazing family :) :) Best Christmas Season ever!!! We had a very chill, game filled holiday and I loved it!!
We had planned to do family photos before people started going home but since it was FREEZING this year we had to wait for a warmer day, it was still very cold but we got them done! 

To start we did a mini family session of just the Davis' My older sister has 2 super cute kids and an awesome husband, as I have mentioned many times before. I love and miss my sister dearly! Heres a few of her adorable little family.
(click to enlarge)

 Love Lincoln's outfit!


Now to the couples photos, being as we are all married now :)

Lets start with my amazing parents! Dale & Barbie. Thank you for everything you both do for all of us, day in and day out!

Then the oldest, Ethney with her main man Mike. Best big sister anyone could ask for!

The only boy, my bro Dane and his lovely wife Sarah! Love you Danger :)

Ahh! Now to me... Trevor and I, freshly married!  

 And the baby, Shelby and the awesome Ben. Love you little sis, your the bestest! 


Now some family photos of the whole gang!

These photos pretty much sum up my family!!

 All the handsome men :)

I love my siblings! We sure do know how to have fun! Just wish we all lived a little closer together!

Not sure when my whole family will be together again so this past Christmas was very special! I can't wait till we're all together again! Till next time xoxo

Friday, February 8, 2013

Davis Children {Edmonton Child Photographer}

As many of you know Trevor and I were with my parents this past Christmas. It was a great holiday! And because my old sister Ethney was in town with her 2 super cute kids, I of course had to take some pictures! 
Here's a few of Lincoln, who is a stud and not afraid of the camera, at all. Then its his older sister Vienna, with the cutest natural curls ever!! I hope we get to see them again this fall... fingers crossed!!

------------------------ Vienna -------------------------

I love these two munchkins! Can't wait to see you all again :)