Monday, March 25, 2013

Chevauna is One Year Old {Edmonton Child Photographer}

Welcome the beautiful Chevauna! She has the biggest eyes I've ever seen! Photographing her was awesome. She was a total doll to work with, other then the fact that she didn't like it too much when I would touch her. So mom had to put on the crown and move her around. I was a little hurt but will survive :)
I have a new love, photographing children! I loved working with someone who didn't over think it or really could care less what we were doing! It was wonderful, way less stressful then I expected.
Hope you enjoy the photos!
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I made this crown the morning before the session!!

Yup I caught you with your fingers in your mouth, again!

 A smile. yay! Once she warmed up I got a few smiles :)

So this is my FAVORITE photo! But I'm having a tough time picking between the natural color or the filtered... what would your choice be?

 Love the sound and look of a laughing baby!

Okay this photo kills me!! 
I was trying to figure out if there were any specific poses her mom wanted when I looked over at Chevauna and she was making this face, no joke! Did it all on her own. She stopped after only getting one photo

 Another favorite! look at those eye, wow!

Thank you so much Chevauna and mom for being such good sports! I had a blast :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Alexis's Portrait Session {Edmonton Portrait Photographer}

Welcome the GORGEOUS Alexis!!! This girl is awesome, and one of my very best friends! Alexis and I become fast friends as we planned our European backpacking trip last year! Those 3 months living with her in foreign countries was the best! Sooo many awesome memories! I love this girl and am very happy she agreed to model for me!
She kept telling me how nervous she was about doing this, not sure why since every photo turned out amazing!!
Please enjoy her session. Ps. Love her sweater, the color worked amazing :)
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One of my many favorites! And only the 4th photo taken that day, amazing! 

 Love the pearls!!

 Dang girl!!

Another favorite!!

So we headed off to find this barn that Alexis's friend told her about. After a few wrong turns, we found it and I fell in love!! Once we walked up and saw what color the door just about dead! 

 Love this barn

 Amazing... She is such a natural!

Love these two Black&Whites!

Love her laughing face!!

Thank you so much Alexis!! It was a really fun session :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Amy & Joe's Couples Session {Edmonton Couple Photographer}

 Amy & Joe are new to my blog which is exiting! I truly loved photographing these two love birds!! They are just so in love, plus they're a very good looking couple, which made my life easy and difficult. I loved every photo, but I had to choose only a few favourites! 
Im so glad they didn't cancel on me as it started to rain/snow pretty good just an hour before we were to start, so thanks for toughing it out!!
Hope you enjoy their beautiful session :)
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I just love the moments before a kiss!

This was a request from Amy and I'm so glad she asked, these photos turned out so great!

Thanks again you two!