Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Simmonds' Family Sneak Peek {Edmonton Family Photographer}

Love this family!! Sonia is one of my older sister's best friend, making her family! I was so excited when they asked me to take their family photos this year! Their 2 little girls are beautiful, both inside and out!! 
Heres one of them that just makes me smile, they just love each other so much!!

More of these amazing family later.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Candy & Nigel's Wedding Sneak Peek {Edmonton Wedding Photographer}

Another wedding I'm currently working on, Candy and Nigel, they booked me while I was over seas. 
Their wedding was my first ever in Edmonton and it was lovely.
Here's just a few photos of their amazing day. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rachael & Brant's Wedding Sneak Peek {Calgary Wedding Photographer}

This is way over due!! I have been trying to get 3 weddings edited and have totally forgot to put up a few needed sneak peeks!!
This is Rachael & Brant, they're wedding was beautiful and I loved being apart of their amazing day. Heres just a single photo of this extremely gorgeous couple!

Many more to come... promise!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Terilyn & Kory's Wedding Sneak Peek {Calgary Wedding Photographer}

This was one of the most enjoyable wedding I've ever been apart of.
Terilyn and Kory are so in love and it shows. Not only did Terilyn glow because it was her wedding day, but she's a mother to be! Couldn't be happier for these two on both their special day and becoming parents in November.
Heres just a few images of their day. Enjoy!
(Click to enlarge Images)

I can't even put into words how much I love this picture... Simply amazing!!

The very fun, semi crazy bridal party!! And how cute are those two ring bearers?

I just love these two, and so does the camera.

More to come of this beautiful couple and their day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Candy & Nigel Engagement Sneak Peek {Calgary Couples Photographer}

Couldn't have asked for a cuter couple to jump back into my photography with after my long time away! Being behind my camera again felt amazing!!
 These two are just awesome together, and way, way too cute. Lots more of their session to come :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ben & Shelby's Wedding {Southern Alberta Wedding Photographer}

Yes I know my little sisters wedding was back in August but life got crazy and I had the hardest time choosing which of her photos would go up, but I've finally narrowed it down, kinda I'm sure I still put in way too many but anyways, here they are. I guess I can say, better late then never!

Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Fairbanks

(click to view photos larger)
I am in love with this picture!!

This is a "So Shelby" dress

Our cousin Janelle helps out with the make-up while her husband Ryan (a film photographer) took pictures of his own.

I love this pictures of Shelby, she's laughing at the 2 cameras right in her face!


Ya, my family's a little crazy!

My brother Dane, myself (weird to be in front of a camera) Shelby and sister Ethney

Fairbanks family

Ya, they're just as crazy!

These 4 girls have been friends for a very long time!

What a crazy bunch!

I did a photo session of these 4 a year or so ago and we did a picture just like this, so cute!

My top favourite picture!

Best wall paper I've ever seen! Thanks to Ben's Grandma and Grandpa for letting us use their house


What a gorgeous girl

Why are they so dang cute!?!

Shelby's face was exactly what we were going for with Mikes question!

Come on Shelby put your shoe up, we all knew it was you for that question ;)

Good girl ha-ha-ha

Shelby's friend, Sasha did her wedding cake and did an amazing job!

The first dance

Sparkler send off!

Ben's got his keys in hand!!

I am so happy for my sister and to now have Ben has a brother! These two are so perfect for each other and I wish then many years of happiness! xoxo

Wedding cake done by - Sasha Schneider
Ryan Johnson Photography - http://www.ryanjohnsonphotography.com/