Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lauren's Portrait Session {Edmonton Portrait Photographer}

My Other Half is on my blog again, Lauren is one of my dearest friends and I miss living in the same gross basement suite as her, haha! She was one of my very FIRST models when I decided to go for my dream job! How much we both have changed, I actually know what I'm doing with my camera now and she has long brown hair and is a little more grown up ;)
It's hard to explain the connection Lauren and I share... like I said we lived in the same suite back in Logan, many years ago, and I'm not kidding when I say it took us about 2 hours of talking and laughing to know we were meant to be friends, or each others, other half as we like to say!
I'm so glad we got to have fun one afternoon while I was visiting her a few weekends ago down in St. George, Utah :) Lauren, you are such an amazing women and I'm so grateful & lucky to call you my friend! xoxo

One of my favorites!

Got to love that sassy smirk ;)
Wow, just wow!

Thanks for being an amazing model yet again!! Miss you tons!
(So sad this amazing location is all the way down in St. George)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dan & Kenzie's Couple Session {Edmonton Couples Photographer}

I honestly just love these two!! Kenzie was one of my first friends when I first moved to Edmonton. I was so excited when I heard that her and Dan were engagement, I hoped that they would ask me to be their Wedding photographer and they did :) :)
To get ready for the big day we decided to get together last weekend and goof around, and we did just that! It was so much fun, these two truly are in love and Im so happy for them both!!
I can't wait till their wedding next month.

I'm so glad these two know how to kiss pretty!

Love these two photos!


Say it with me... HOTTIE!!

So excited for you both :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Whitney's Portrait Session {Calgary Portrait Photographer}

Say hello to the amazing Whitney!! This is another one of my BFFs :) We meet at a church girls camp back when we were 14 and the rest is history! We have enough awesome memories to probably write about a hundred novels!
I love this girl so very much and hope she knows that, and never forget it! Thanks Whit for everything you've done for me. xoxo
I was so happy she agreed to let me photograph her while I was home a few weeks ago. Isn't she simply stunning? We had a blast, and laughed very hard about a particular photo that I was lucky enough to capture, you know which one I'm talking about Whit ;) haha!
 Please enjoy :)



You truly are beautiful Whit, love ya long time!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sarah's Portrait Session {Calgary Portrait Photographer}

Welcome the gorgeous Sarah, aka my BFF of 14 years!! I was so excited to finally photographer her and knew she would rock this session.
I am also doing something I've never done before... every photo is both in Color and in Black&White, side by side... Im calling it the Color vs. Black&White Challenge, which mean I want everyone to vote. If you can't leave a comment on the blog then head to my Facebook page, LIKE it, then place your vote under the single photo of Sarah that will be posted!

Now onto this amazing lady! I love her dearly, we truly have been through a little bit of everything together!! 
Im not sure where I'd be with out her, I owe her so much and can't thank her enough for being such an amazing friend! I love you very much Sarah and am honored to call myself your fiend! xoxo 
Enjoy the photos, and don't forget to vote! :)

Like are you kidding me?!?! STUNNING!!! 




Too hot for words....

One of my very favorites :) :) :)

Thanks Sarah, you were so much fun to work with! We must do it again.