Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tracy & Cassidy's Wedding {Calgary Wedding Photographer}

I have known Tracey for a few years now. So when she asked me to photograph her and Cassidy's sealing I was honoured! Tracey and Cassidy have been married just over a year now and have a beautiful baby girl! Being apart of there very special day was lovely! Congrats you two!! :)

Cute little family!

It was freezing that day, but they toughed it out, and make it look amazing while doing it!

Love these two photos!!

 I really like this ring shot!

You two are so cute! And still so in love! Congrats on being sealed, I'm so happy I was apart of it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Roommates {Edmonton Portrait Photographer}

I love these girls!! These lovely ladies were my last girl roommates. So on a Saturday when we all didn't have work or have homework, we decided to go out and do a little photo shoot! I had a BLAST!! They are all amazing models and the lighting was perfect :)
Thanks Hannah, Renee and Jennica for letting me practise new techniques on you guys :)
(click to enlarge photo)

 Color or Black&White?? 

Most amazing eyes ever!! 

The B&W is my favourite photo of the day!!

Hannah, Renee & Jennica

We will have to do this again once its nice out, of course!!

Love you all so much! xo

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Simmonds' Family Session {Edmonton Family Photographer}

Sonia and Joel's are like family to me. I've grown up with Sonia being around our family lots :) I very much enjoyed taking their photos last summer! They have two of the cutest little girls out there! 
(click to enlarge photos)

It was so cute, Dorothy would look to Josephine first to see what funny face they were doing next!

Love you guys! Hope to do another session with you again next year :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Candy & Nigel's Wedding {Edmonton Wedding Photographer}

Candy and Nigel's Day was lovely, and my 1st wedding at the Edmonton temple. I loved the location they found, coolest tree I have ever seen.
At the dinner they had a traditional Chinese Dragon dance and it was an amazing experience! 
(click photo to enlarge)

 Love this photo, he came so close that after I took this photo my camera couldn't focus anymore! Haha

This was such an eventful wedding! I loved being apart of it! Congrats you two and good luck with everything.